The Science Behind Boosting Immunity Through Chiropractic Adjustments

Have you experienced the gratifying sound and feeling felt when receiving a chiropractic adjustment? My personal favorite is a cervical adjustment, there are seven cervical vertebra, cervical vertebrae are commonly referred to as the “neck.” Cervical Adjustments not only feel great but also can enhance the function of surrounding vessels, muscles, and immunity. Although this is hard to believe for some, let’s begin by thinking about anatomy. The location of the Upper Cervical Vertebra (C1-C2), these vertebra literally surround the brainstem. As you know the brain controls everything we do, a vital subdivision is the brainstem where the medulla is located, here you can find branches of a key player known as the Vagus Nerve or Cranial Nerve 10.

The Vagus Nerve has lots of branches that help in controlling many different processes in our body such as swallowing, heart rate and immunity. The Vagus Nerve goes to both the gut and spleen, these are two influential organs for storing White Blood Cells. White Blood Cells can be thought of as our immune cells, the cells that search for invading bacteria or viruses and either prevent or fight against the attack, depending how strong and regulated your immune system is. Many studies have shown this correlation of receiving a chiropractic adjustment with an audible and an increase in White Blood Cells, specifically lymphocytes or T-Cells. Another study found that getting adjusted also changes the production of Interleukin 2 (IL-2), this is a tiny protein that is in charge of regulating various types of immune cells.

Although our current times seem bizarre because we have not experienced anything like this, in 1918 the world faced the “Spanish Flu” during these times chiropractic was developing in the United States and this article gives statistics of how boosting immunity through chiropractic adjustments made a huge impact on survival in certain states. Getting adjusted, especially upper cervical adjustments with an audible not only relieves tension in the neck but also stimulates your brainstem to allow your body to fight against invading bacteria and viruses. In addition to boosting your immunity and reducing tension, an adjustment can also affect the functionality of organs that are attacked by the virus. For example, the novel “Coronavirus” is known to target the lungs. T3-T4 are thoracic or “mid back” vertebra, the nerves associated go directly to your lungs, adjusting this area will help to promote proper lung function. Getting adjusted has an insurmountable amount of benefits, immunity is just one.

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